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Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit, Fresh 12-14 lbs.

Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit, Fresh 12-14 lbs.

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Order your FRESH, free-range, Non-GMO fed Thanksgiving Turkey anytime by paying this $25 deposit. Final price per pound on the birds will be a graduating scale based off of final weight.

  • $5.10/lb - (10-15.99 lb. turkey)
  • $4.99/lb - (16-19.99 lb. turkey)
  • $4.63/lb - (20+ lb. turkey)

Let us know the desired weight of your bird and we will contact you with detailed delivery and pickup options in early November! Fresh birds will be available 1-2 days prior to Thanksgiving!

We periodically have frozen whole turkeys available for sale so check out “frozen whole Turkey” for availability.


Pastured, Free-Range, 100% Vegetarian Non-Gmo Feed! Giblets included!